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Auto-Partition Cell

QSI Fabrication Inc. has a selection of parametrically designed partition cell inserts that can be altered to your specifications within minutes.  First, choose the style you would need.  Next, define the part/component dimensions.

Container Inside Dimensions:

X=    Y=  Z=

Component Dimensions:

X=  Y=  Z=

If there is a style that you want to use and do not see it here just contact us.  We will parametrically design your partition cell insert  so creation and alterations can be done in no time.  Help us add to our collection and we will provide a discount on your first order.

· Auto-Partition Cell Designs can be created in seconds therefore making quote turn-around hours rather than days.

· Auto-Partition Cell Designs are proven designs that will not fail in production.

· Production begins immediately—all Auto-Partition Cell Design drawings are linked to the design.  As soon as you approve the design the production begins.

· If changes occur, an Auto-Partition Cell Design can be updated in minutes saving you time and money.